Innovative Sport Performance Consulting                                                  Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Jim Winges, Ph.D., CC-AASP                                                                     Minneapolis, Minnesota
Performance Enhancement Consultant/ Mental Coach

ISPC Philosophy

An Innovative Philosophy
ISPC uses an innovative toolbox philosophy to improve sport performance.  Every athlete has his or her own toolbox of physical, tactical, and technical skills that have been developed through practice and game experience.  ISPC adds to that already existing toolbox teaching athletes the mental tools necessary to reach their next level of peak performance.  These tools are essential for athletes to cope with and adapt to the adversity of playing sport at any level.  ISPC takes an aggressive approach to improving mental skills enabling athletes to improve quickly.

ISPC's mental training techniques offer clients the essential mental skills needed to maximize their overall sport performance.  ISPC specializes in developing mental skills such as motivation, self-confidence, slump-busting, relaxation, imagery/visualization, goal setting, stress management, focus, injury management, decision making, and team building.
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