Innovative Sport Performance Consulting                                                  Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Jim Winges, Ph.D., CC-AASP                                                                     Minneapolis, Minnesota
Performance Enhancement Consultant/ Mental Coach
Innovative Sport Performance Consulting
Mental Skills Are Important
Most Coaches believe that sport is at least 50% mental, with certain sports such as golf, tennis, figure skating, gymnastics, baseball, softball, ice hockey, and football rating as high as 80-95% mental.

The Simple Truth
When two athletes of similar physical ability are pitted against one another in competition; the winner will most likely be the athlete with stronger mental skills.  Considering this, it is puzzling that so many athletes neglect to work on the mental side of their game.

The Innovative Sport Advantage
ISPC takes an innovative approach to training the mental side of an athlete's game.  Lead consultant Jim Winges, Ph.D., CC-AASP uses a hands on, personalized, educational approach to improving your athlete or team's mental skills and mental toughness to maximize their performance on the field in practice and competition.
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